Government Affairs

The FGA represents the graphic arts industry in Washington DC, speaking on behalf of member companies.


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On federal issues, FGA works closely with our national organization, Printing Industries of America, in Washington, D.C. The FGA/PIA team has a track record of achieving outstanding legislative results on behalf of the graphics industry, including the elimination of sales taxes on capital equipment, preparatory materials (e.g. plates), electricity, and equipment repair (parts and labor) for printers, along with click charges exemptions.

  • Outstanding Record in Achieving Sales Tax Exemptions for Printers and Reduction or Elimination of Unfair Taxes

  • Members receive a 5% preference when competing with out-of-state printers on state agency, public collages and universities, and school district.

  • Representation in Washington – PIA aggressively represents the graphic arts industry in Washington, lobbying on behalf of member companies.

  •  Interpretation of Laws & Regulations

For details on any piece of legislation or the tax exemptions, please call 407-240-8009.